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Get the inside scoop on food & bev jobs in NYC

Communion is the first-ever employer review platform built for workers in the NYC food & bev scene.

Read & share your work experience at local jobs & businesses, get the real story on salary, benefits, and working conditions. Stop wasting time on misleading interviews and jobs, learn the truth from your community.


Communion is currently in Private Beta

We are partnering with mission-aligned individuals and organizations who want to see better pay & working conditions and more transparency

We are working together to build the backbone of the Communion work experience platform: Thoughtful, constructive evals of employers and business in NYC

If you're a community leader in food/bev in NYC and would like to be an early contributor, please reach out. We’d love to build the Communion platform with you.

what our early users say...

"Wow, ok this is cool, the job came up right on Craigslist. I can definitely use this."

-Terrell 15+ years NYC chef/cook

"For real, on behalf of the whole industry, thank you for working on this, we really need it."

-Teline 10+ years FoH expert

Learn about 1,000s of jobs, businesses, and what it's like to work there

Communion makes it easy to find jobs and learn about pay & working conditions at jobs & businesses found on all major platforms

Read about managers, jobs, and businesses

Read about hours, compensation, benefits, working conditions, and management practices at local businesses

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Share your experience (anonymously)

Post evals about your work experience and let others know what the job is like. Help other food/bev pros make better decisions and bring transparency to the industry

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A safe space to vent, give feedback, and support others

Communion's mission is to create the space for you to share your experience, find jobs that meet your needs, and foster community through mutual support

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Read and share feedback for food/bev jobs and businesses in NYC

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